Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 13 #HAWMC Migraine Grief

Todays challenge is: Open a book to any page.  Take the first line you see. That's the title of your blog post.  What does the blog say?  Write it in less than 20 minutes.
"There had been no one with whom she could share this grief."
Grief, a very suitable word for a person living with Migraine disease and chronic pain. Grief, a suitable word for a person whose life has been restructured in a way she never imagined nor wished for. Grieving the person she was, or who she will never be does not sit well with her. But everyone experiences loss, don't they?
In times of great loss, the grief process can be emotionally slow and painful. The peaks and valleys may feel more like mountains and canyons. Moving through the muddy, sludge of daily grief is a tremendous burden. Sharing this emotional roller coaster would be nice, but who wants to burden others with this pain.
Being able to accept the loss of who you were can take a while. Accepting the life you are now living, instead of the one you planned on living, is a turning point for most people. Sharing grief may be the easy part. Who do we share the acceptance with and do we need to in order to validate ourselves?

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