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What is Your Migraine Plan for 2012?

Do you have a Migraine management plan for 2012?
Now that the New Year is in full swing, have you thought about some Migraine management goals you'd like to achieve this year? Are they attainable or unrealistic? And what exactly are attainable goals vs. unrealistic goals when it comes to Migraine and headache disorder management?
I think an attainable goal this year, for me, is to walk three times a week with my friend Christine. In fact, we've already started. We walk inside a mall, so there really are very few excuses not to do it. It is slow going now because we are both out of shape, but we are eager to continue and maintain our walking schedule. Walking will help improve our overall health, moods, outlook on life, and hopefully help with pain. However, I have noticed that once we start walking more quickly, I feel pressure in my head. So I slow down, and it seems to diminish. This may or may not be related to post-traumatic headache, but after all these years, I'm not so sure.
Another attainable goal for me will be to continue to watch my portion size and say no to second helpings. Portion control for me, is a big player in my weight control. Eating the correct amount of healthy food is very important, as is eating small portions of foods that aren't so healthy. This goal will help me manage my weight.
Having one less Migraine a month may be an attainable goal now that I've stopped consuming caffeine. It really has made a difference. Because Migraineurs brains are overly sensitive, some of us are more susceptible to everyday triggers that we NEVER THINK ABOUT. Are you only drinking one cup of coffee every morning? You may have caffeine dependence, really. And since caffeine is a drug, you may also have some form of medication overuse headache. I 'm pretty sure I did. If you think you've tried everything, and I mean everything under the sun to treat your Migraines, but still consume caffeine, in any form, you may be kidding yourself. Take a look at this article, you may be amazed, Caffeine and Migraine.
One unrealistic goal would be to not have any more Migraine attacks. No one wants to have Migraine disease, but at the moment there is no cure. We can certainly work to reduce the number and severity of our Migraines, but as far as eliminating the disease, it just isn't possible right now. But that doesn't mean we have to lose hope.
Another unrealistic goal is to think our doctor can "fix it" for us. No one can "fix" anything for us. We need to take an active role in our health care, not sit around and wait for someone else to do it for us. Do you keep a Migraine diary as your Migraine specialist suggested? Or are you blowing it off? Diabetics certainly can't blow off keeping their daily insulin levels, so why should Migraineurs not be held to the same standard? I think we can and should. Here is an easy to use Migraine diary from Migraine.com or the Migraine diary at HealthCentral Network's Migraine Community Migraine Diary or the diary at Ubiqi.com
Living with Migraine disease is not an easy venture, but we can take steps to help ourselves become a well educated patient and partner in our health care. What are some of your Migraine management goals for 2012? Do you have any you'd like to share with me?
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