Friday, April 26, 2013

"A Crown for the Worst Headache or Migraine - Did Medical Marketing Go Wrong?"

"A Crown for the Worst Headache or Migraine - When Medical Marketing Goes Wrong."

As if battling the stigma the surrounds migraine and headache disorders isn't difficult enough, we can thank Excedrin for continuing it. Excedrin is currently running a sweepstakes called "Who Deserves Excedrin The Most - Help Decide Who Wears the Crown." In this sweepstakes the idea is to vote on a collection of people or "headache sufferers" who are matched in a daily, "head-to-head" video format, enacting a story and/or situation. The idea is to vote for who deserves to wear "the crown." E-gift cards are given out every day and your vote is then entered into the pool for the grand prize, a seven day trip for two to Jamaica.

So what's wrong with this picture to find out continue reading "A Crown for the Worst Headache or Migraine - Medical Marketing Gone Wrong" at Hormones Matter.

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  1. This made me SO mad. I wrote a letter to the CEO of the parent company of Excedrin and put it on facebook. I'm hoping if enough people react, they wont just delete it.
    Thank you for your blog. The internet has been key in growing up (I've had these suckers almost daily for 20 years now) with migraines. The online community meant the world to me as a teenager with chronic pain.

    1. Thanks for reading Lowellitta. It did enrage me too! What were they possibly thinking.

      Thank you for writing to them. I too hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears!



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