Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dealing with Menopause, Migraines and My Empty Nest

Migraine and chronic pain are never too far from my thoughts, but I work hard to keep them at bay. This takes a bit of practice each day, because as with any chronic illness, daily lifestyle modifications need to be made to keep pain at a semi functioning level.

I've recently begun a new adventure called menopause that seems almost as complex as migraine. While I've been becoming acquainted with it, something else is moving in, or better stated, moving out - an empty nest. 

While growing up three things I never thought about were migraines, menopause and having an ‘empty nest.’ What I did think about were the clothes I wore to school, whether or not I had the “in” purse, how not to get my period in school and how my hair looked. When I had a migraine it was around my period and I was able to tend to it with over-the- counter medications. 

Thanks for reading and feel well,

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  1. Ha -- I know the feeling, Nancy. I am still asking myself what do I want to do when I grow up?
    You will find the answer, and so will I... :)

  2. Thanks for reading. It just kind of crept up me when I didn't expect it too.....


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