Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TheraSpecs Prepares for National Television Appearance

TheraSpecs Gets Ready for National Television Appearance 

There is some very exciting news in the migraine and headache community - TheraSpecs ® will be featured on the television show The Doctors tomorrow! That's right - on Thursday May 2, 2013 TheraSpecs® the specially designed glasses that may provide relief to some people with migraine, will be on the television show The Doctors. Tomorrow's show is centered on non-pharmacological pain relief for painful conditions such as arthritis, restless leg syndrome and others. 

Hart Shafer and his wife Kerrie Smyres, who both suffer from migraine and headache, are the creators of TheraSpecs®. These glasses were developed due to Kerrie's extreme disabling migraines after she literally tried a myriad of preventive medications and Botox, acupuncture, physical therapy and many other western and eastern approaches. At some point in the course of one of her migraine specialist appointments, they discussed that light may be complicating her migraines. That's when Hart began his mission to help reduce his wife's suffering. Because Kerrie is so debilitated by her migraine pain, she's no longer able to maintain a career, instead writes a blog about living with chronic migraine called The Daily Headache and is a patient advocate and blogger at

TheraSpecs ® are the "precision-tinted eyewear" for those of us with migraine and headaches and suffer with photophobia or light sensitivity. These glasses work to lessen the frequency and severity of migraines by filtering light that for some can trigger an attack and help reduce eyestrain light may also cause. I have an original pair of these glasses, but currently do not need to use them. My son however, has used them and tells me his eyes feel "relieved" when he puts TheraSpecs® on during a migraine. Anything to help with the pain is good. Remember to set time aside tomorrow to watch or record The Doctors talk about TheraSpecs® and migraine.

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