Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Find Nemo" Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge #4

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month Blog Challenge Day 4 "Just Keep Swimming" from the movie Finding Nemo.  How do you keep going in life when Migraine or another Headache disorder deals you a difficult setback?
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Today is day four of the Migraine and Headache Awareness Blog Challenge and the prompt is "Just keep swimming" from the movie Finding Nemo. I would think everyone with chronic pain of any type can identify with this. We wake up each morning hoping for less pain than yesterday, strive to attain fewer migraines and simply want to move forward. Setbacks are part of life and the way each person deals with them can vary greatly. 

My life often feels like the'other shoe' is going to drop at any moment, and it usually does. When it drops and a setback occurs, as frustrating as it is, I am almost prepared for it, because they seem to happen so frequently. I've practically built up a tolerance to them and it feels like they are lurking in every corner of my life. And not just when it comes to my health mind you, but in every aspect of it. The good times are always tempered with setbacks and my children's highs are usually followed by inevitable lows. Oh, and let's not forget dating and my ex-husband, I'll save those for another blog though!

When I have a migraine setback it usually is because I am unable to break a particularly bad cycle of migraines. This can happen even after I've followed my doctor's orders and taken two days of my abortive medication, a Midrin equivalent and a day of rescue medication, Dilaudid. Three days of refractory migraine pain is when I call my doctor, go into his office and have an IV infusion. The infusion usually consists of magnesium sulfate, and I receive shots of Dilaudid for pain, Vistaril to help calm my nervous system down and Tigan for nausea.

Before this plan was in place, unbeknownst to my doctor, I would wait an excessive amount of time wishing and hoping my migraine pain would go away or that it really wasn't a migraine. This line of thinking often got me into more trouble and certainly more pain, pain I definitely didn't need. I now take firm control of my refractory migraines and treat them in the appropriate way my doctor and I've agreed upon. Then I sit back and wait for the 'other shoe' to drop.

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Dealing with migraine setbacks I think anyone with migraine disease or other chronic illness can identify with setbacks. As frustra...