Monday, August 26, 2013

Can We Call Migraine a Migraine, Please

Can We Call Migraine a Migraine, PLEASE?

About a month ago Dr. Oz had a show discussing  how we could heal our headaches holistically. The show was called The New Science to Reverse Aging and I was excited to watch the video. 

From the start I became uneasy as both doctors were using the phrase 'migraine headache' without distinction. This drove me nuts - is it so to call migraine a migraine and headache a headache? If you are going to have 'experts' on your show, shouldn't they know the difference? And enough already, Dr. Oz, please - migraine is a genetic neurological disease - NOT a headache.
Now, to give this doctor a bit of credit he did have some good points. Prevention is key, vitamin B2 is helpful, and it's  important watch our triggers. BUT was he talking about - migraines or headaches? 

I've continued with my "rant,"  Please Folks - Migraine is Not a Headache -on Hormones  Take a minute and go over to see what you think. 

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