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The August 2013 Headache Disorders and Migraine Blog Carnival

 Presenting the August 2013 Headache Disorders and Migraine Blog Carnival

I have the special honor of being able to host the August 2013 Headache Disorders and Migraine Blog Carnival. Diana Lee at has been hosting this carnival since December 2007 and has given migraine and headache bloggers a wonderful venue to share their very personal experiences, trials and errors, treatments, thoughts, and hopes for the future.  

We have some wonderful submissions this month I can't wait to share with you.  Candy Meacham at Art of Migraine has written a very personal look at suicide called "Suicide is a scary thought."

Diana Lee's contribution is a blog post she wrote for the American Headache and Migraine Association called "Migraine & Headache Disorders: We Are Mourning."

Kerrie Smyres of The Daily Headache shares her thoughts and helpful hints for people with migraine in "Suicide & Migraine: Thoughts From Someone Who's Considered It."  

Nikki Albert talks about her deeply personal "suicide survival date" on her blog, The Brainless Blogger.

See what happens when you think you've hit rock bottom with Kat at Happy Healthy 365 in her post "Believe." 

Andy Honaker talks about just how inconvenient migraine is in his post "Migraines are NOT Convenient" at his blog, "Against the 'Graine."

"Tomorrow will be better, till you get there…" is a post written by Casey Russell at the blog, My life with the BEAST. A strong believer in "suicide is a quick solution to a big problem," Casey shares how important it is not to give up hope.

My submission is "Headache Disorders and Suicide" right here at Closing the SEAMS in Migraine and Headache Disorders.

Deb Maire asked me to share this with you. They are a bit dark in spots, but heartfelt. Please try not to worry, Deb is OK.

Suicide has been on my mine alot these days
I have so many people to use me for their on purpose
Even though I can humbly say I have helped many
My dreams have demised by the financial abuse if others that take advantage of my kindness on a daily basis.
Now my assistant who has been with me for 3 years has used my connections for a job. Well, if I was totally well I would wish her well and say ---- ok - fine, we will meet sometime for lunch.
My husband who has been has not agreed with her hours and says she works slow to make money and has not put forth a big push for Gemassist in a year.
Said she was looking for connections for another job Full time at our expense - meaning he pays her to help me around the house and keeping a schedule, etc. 
Sometimes I am so house bound that I am lonely and I enjoy her company to know some one will be by or call. Yes, I have told my doctor, yes I have told my psychologist about my suicidal thoughts.
I have noticed that I just can not keep friends with my illness.
I desperately asked my husband to give me something due to my religion is the only thing that keeps me alive. 
I am sorry for writing but this is thoughts of a suicide person giving up on fighting her illness. Making friends that are fake on the web and in person.
Tried of paying doctors.
Tried of believing that there is hope out there to do more.
I watch my diet but I can seem to loose weight due to calories intake is more than exercise due to my sleeping for my head pain.
I have not had Botox in awhile due to issues so maybe ??? I will feel better after it.
No I doubt it.
I still do not have a brain that can handle stress well.
Well, all for now
 Do not worry about me! 
This is my thoughts on suicide

The September 2013 Headache Disorders and Migraine Blog Carnival theme is: How has blogging and/or social media helped you combat stigma in your life or in the disease community at large?  

Submissions are due Friday, September 6, 2013, by midnight - the end of the day please and will be published on Monday, September 9, 2013. Teri Robert of the Headache Disorders Blog Network with be the host. Please submit your links to

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