Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September is Pain Awareness Month 

As a U.S. Pain Foundation Pain Ambassador, I'd like to share with you the U.S. Pain Foundation Pain Awareness Month activities. Some include online challenges while others take place in the "real" world. I hope you'll participate in the ones you can.

You can start off by taking the US Pain Pledge to raise awareness, educate, empower and support those in chronic pain.  The U.S. Pain Foundation's 30 Day Challenge is a fun and easy way to help the cause. For example yesterday's challenge involved changing your social media pages to the U.S. Pain Foundation logo, which you can still do! Today was to wear blue and white to show support for pain awareness. Tomorrow, day 3 is to write about how living pain free would impact your life. To follow and participate in the rest of the challenge, click on the above link.

Being supportive and raising awareness will help more than 100 million (yes that's the number) people who live in chronic pain. How will you help?

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